PSI-Pay Contactless Payment Gateway Is The Future Of Innovative Money

The global financial transactions landscape continues to generate significant technological revolutions. From cryptocurrencies, block-chain technology to mobile money gateways, the tide seems to be headed for big things. One such technology comes from PSI Pay Ring.

PSI-Pay provides solutions for its clients in the form of a full partner sponsorship for non- financial service partners, regulated partner sponsorship, which are suitable for non-MasterCard members, Partner sponsorship lite, which is ideal for partners who aspire to be affiliate members of MasterCard.

The firm offers client accounts that have a limited access feature, thus ensuring security and giving program managers transparency on the flow of consumer funds. The firm provides ICA and BIN for their clients, thus allowing their clients to report fund activities for their programs.

Besides this, the firm assists its clients to perform settlements and approvals in line with regulations, while safeguarding their funds.

Consistent focus on secure financial transactions, strategic partnerships, enhanced technological capabilities and good relationships with its suppliers led the firm to experience a 29% increase in business volumes, a 45% increase in income and a 5.5% increase in pre-tax profits in the 2015 fiscal year. This was a result of an expansion program and successful marketing campaigns.

Unforeseen changes could negatively affect operations. Businesses, therefore, need to plan for any eventualities, thus minimizing risks. In light of Britain’s exit from the European Union, PSI Pay formulated strategies and plans to ensure business continuity even in the challenging circumstances.

PSI-Pay ascribes to the UK Financial Conduct Authority’s regulations and relies on its team of competent, professional, and motivated staff to deliver solutions to its clients. The firm’s clients can perform transactions in 44 currencies, and in real time from its partner banks spread in 173 countries. This makes the firm a formidable force in the financial technology sector.