The successful career of James Dondero

Early life and history of education
Having been born in Dallas, James Dondero spent most of his childhood with his parents in the state. He undertook his primary education within the locality and traveled to the University of Virginia for his undergraduate studies. At the University, James Dondero studied accounting and finance. He equally took other courses to help him develop his career in the future. Currently, James is one of the certified management accountants, and he has made a huge impact in his line of study.
The career path of James Dondero
After Dondero’s graduation from the University of Virginia, he got absorbed immediately into the market. He received several offers because of his astute performances. After the successful performance in the minor jobs that he received after graduation, Mr. Dondero became the manager of the American Express. During the time that he joined the company, there was a lot of mess to be fixed. With all his knowledge and experience, James Dondero managed about $1 billion in fixed income. The unprecedented performance that he indicated when he joined the company opened more opportunities for him. Later, Mr. Dondero was appointed as the chief investment officer for GIC subsidiary. This was one of the positions where James showed his ability to make a company successful. By the time he took over as the CIO, the company was just starting up. The initial investment had not reached the breakeven point. In five years, the company had moved from startup to a net worth of $2 billion.
Dondero’s career in Highland Capital Management
After his successful careers in his major positions at the two companies, James Dondero planned t start his company. He had developed the idea some years back, but he took some more time to understand the market and identify the best investment opportunities. In his current positions, James oversees the investment options made by the company. He equally oversees the operations of the companies with institutions and retails. As the president of the Highland Capital Management, Mr. Dondero has been put to task to apply the knowledge which he gained from the three decades of working experience. His influence and knowledge have been beneficial to the growth and the expansion of the company.

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