Vijay Eswaran’s philosophies for success

Malaysian entrepreneur, philanthropist and motivational speaker Vijay Eswaran is founder of the multinational QI Group of companies, and began by establishing a direct selling network in 1998 which has trained one million emerging markets entrepreneurs. He has written the books “Two Minutes from the Abyss” and “In the Sphere of Silence”.

In the latter, he says silence is important for achieving personal and business success. In Abyss, which postulates that we may be on the verge of leaving this earth at any time, Vijay proposes 11 pillars of success. These include recognizing that a sense of urgency magnifies the importance of our available time and that sacrifice and change are needed for us to achieve success.

Key elements for success include living in the moment, learning, and focusing on our goal, as well as managing adversity, eliminating expectations, downplaying our ego and avoiding our comfort zone. Other important traits include truthfulness and prioritizing the means over the end. Regarding confrontation, Vijay’s rules include listening, a willingness to compromise, and confronting the issue rather than the person.

He also advises using fear and its excitement to remind us of what is important, to become engaged, and to motivate ourselves to grow. Vijay Eswaran describes the stages of change as including breaking habits, and proposes that change is not easy and evolves through cycles and constant overlapping, while not changing is harmful.

He discusses the importance of service above self, where a true leader cares for his workers, has a clear vision of his objectives, is committed to sound core values, gives time to his people, and is willing to sacrifice to achieve worthy goals. Vijay also states that change is necessary, and should not be done gradually, but that we should not change the solid values we grew up being taught, and should in fact expand our good life principles.

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