What you Need to Know About Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a successful Brazilian rally driver who races alongside his brother, Rodrigo Terpins. The duo is known for taking part in Prototypes TI races. Michel and his brother have both earned several achievements in the course of their racing careers. Back in 2015, Michel Terpins emerged as a winner of a cross-country rally.

Michel is also known for his composure and consistency when participating in rallies. He believes that every little achievement is an opportunity for him to be a better race driver. He usually trains consistently to enable him to hit new racing records. Michel has been interviewed by several media outlets in Brazil. From the interviews, it can be resolved that Michel Terpins believes in his talent and is hopeful for better racing outcomes in the future.

Besides racing, Michel maintains a Facebook page. He uses the social networking profile to give his fans insights on what to expect from his upcoming competitions. He also uses his Facebook page to inspire budding and established rally drivers, who follow him, by sharing how his past experiences influence his present achievements. He welcomes his fans to like his Facebook page and join him in making the car racing industry better.

The Bull Sertoes Rally

Michel is aged 37 years while his brother Rodrigo is 41 years old. The brothers recently took part in the much-anticipated Bull Sertoes Rally as with different teammates. The race was expected to cover more than 200 kilometers but was reduced to cover 68 kilometers. Michel teamed up with Sven Von Borries while Rodrigo teamed up with Fabricio Bianchini.

The Bull Sertoes Rally constituted of 43 cars. Michel and his team-mate managed to finish at the fifth position after spending 55 minutes and 8 seconds racing. Consequently, Rodrigo and his partner came in the sixth position after spending 58 minutes and 9 seconds on the road.

Both Michel and Rodrigo Terpins are influential figures in the Brazilian motor racing industry. The duo has received praise for their determination and ambition as rally drivers. Despite finishing at fifth and sixth positions respectively at the Bull Sertoes Rally, the brothers were contented about the results.

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