Which Texas Bank Is Growing The Quickest?

Which Texas bank is growing quickly and why? NexBank is an example of a hands on bank that is growing rapidly. A recent publication placed NexBank as the 10th best community bank in the entire country.


The Dallas, Texas, based financial institution is led by CEO and President John Holt. The reason NexBank has transitioned well is because of the tailor made approach it offers customers. The customer friendly community bank approach has been a very successful model for Holt.


Holt often speaks nationally about his Community Bank model in relationship to other platforms. Recently, Holt appeared as a panelist for a major financial discussion in New Orleans, Louisiana. The 2016 event allowed Holt to express his concerns for big banking and also to elaborate on how community banking can be so successful. The panel was called “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation.” It could not have been a more suitable discussion for Holt.


Holt has led NexBank to the forefront by building strong relationships within the heart of Texas. The financial institution also helps corporations nationally.

NexBank reach $4.6 billion in assets in 2016. The financial institution was recognized as the 14th largest community bank in the state in 2014. The bank specializes in commercial lending and mortgage loans. The portfolio for NexBank runs much deeper with a wide array of other products to serve clients.


NexBank has also provided for many not for profit organizations over the past few years. The financial institution has supported organizations like GrowSouth and Dallas Neighborhood Loans.


S&P Global Market Intelligence recently tabbed NexBank as the 10th best community bank in the country with assets from $1 billion to $10 billion dollars. There were six major core metrics used to place NexBank in the top ten. Some of those metrics included efficiency ratio, interest margin and loan growth.


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