Worldwide Asset Exchange: The Brainchild Of Malcolm CasSelle

The exchange of value between individuals in the virtual world is something that may not have even been possible several decades ago. However, since the creation of centralized digital exchanges virtual asset exchange has become more and more prevalent in our society. Although the advent of centralized marketplaces represented the pinnacle of technology for many years, and it has since become evident that there are numerous issues caused by the use of centralized marketplaces. Chief among these issues are fragmentation and fraud. Due to the centralized nature of these marketplaces, all data of users is stored in one location. This makes this location and easy target for hackers and promotes the possibility of fraudulent activity within the marketplaces. Additionally due to the fact that users of virtual asset exchanges are not always using the same common native currency geographical fragmentation has been an issue. Users often times must go to Forex exchanges in order to facilitate transactions which has the effect of driving up prices.


Malcolm CasSelle, a serial entrepreneur and president of Worldwide Asset Exchange, has come up with a solution to these problems. He has created his company Worldwide Asset Exchange and a serving as the president using blockchain technology. By incrementing blockchain technology, the same technology that is utilized by popular cryptocurrency bitcoin, he has been able to reduce significantly if not entirely eliminate the possibility of these issues. Worldwide Asset Exchange has recently released its own cryptocurrency which promises to act as a common store of value amongst users and digital asset exchanges. No longer will issues suffer from the problems caused by geographic fragmentation. As well fraudulent activity is much more difficult to occur on the Worldwide Asset Exchange due to the fact the blockchain technology is decentralized. This means that there is no longer a centralized location to Ackerson target in order to produce fraudulent activity.


Malcolm CasSelle has worked for a number of technology companies in key leadership positions over his career. Most importantly he has been the chief investment officer for OPSkins one of the world’s leading companies for in-game sales.


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